Improve the health of Choctaw people
The Chahta Foundation connects communities with Choctaw health and wellness initiatives that help increase quality of life, establish sustainability and reconnect generations of Choctaw people with their agrarian heritage.

The good food initiative

Because food and wellness go hand-in-hand we launched an initiative that brought the focus back to food, allowing Choctaw citizens to have a direct hand in shaping their own agricultural systems. The Good Food Initiative blends safe, nutritious food with active living, all while rebuilding the sacred relationship between people and the land.

The green growth initiative

A true appreciation and love for nature starts early and involves education. The Green Growth Initiative is designed to empower Choctaw students through experiential learning that builds knowledge and skills at an early age.

Edible gardens

Students enrolled in Durant’s Head Start Program are now able to see the evolution of food from seed to plate. To grow a healthier nation, you have to inspire healthy food choices, or sprout them.

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