Empowering Choctaw Life


The Chahta Foundation empowers the Choctaw people to be self-reliant and take active ownership in the advancement of Choctaw life and culture.

Chahta Foundation - Empowering the Choctaw Nation

Knowledge can be infinite, if it’s not forgotten. The Chahta Foundation works to empower the next generation with information through education. Every project is designed to produce high-impact initiatives that bring positive change to the Choctaw community. And every initiative is designed to both educate and evolve with our people to improve the overall well-being of Choctaw Nation citizens.


Inspired by the constant evolution and determination of the Choctaw people, we work to keep tradition and knowledge flowing through impactful initiatives.


Since 1999, the Chahta Foundation has worked to affect positive change in the lives of Choctaw people.

Our Team

Get to know us better. Check out our bios to learn about the diverse set of talents and strengths we use to make an impact.

Grants awarded

Chahta Illimpa Project In 2015 the Chahta Foundation was awarded the First Nations Food Sovereignty Needs Assessment grant. This grant allows us to evaluate the current state of food security for Tribal Members living in the Choctaw Nation’s tribal jurisdiction and develop a strategic plan to improve the existing food system within the community.

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