Together, we can empower Choctaw life

When it comes to keeping the knowledge flowing, you have a role to play. Together we can empower Choctaw life by providing opportunities that will benefit Choctaw people for generations to come.

Ways to make an impact


Every dollar you donate goes
directly toward empowering
Choctaw people.

Choctaw Nation Services - Education & Wellness | Chahta Initiatives


Whether you’re college-bound for the first time or in the middle of medical school, we have scholarships you can apply for.


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 The Choctaw words tikba ihiya means to continue or keep on. It represents a constant for the Choctaw people and defines our commitment—to keep knowledge flowing.



The Chahta Foundation deeply values the support of the Choctaw people. In 2016, over 800 employees of the Choctaw Nation contributed to the Foundation’s initiatives. Every dollar donated has helped to empower the lives of Choctaw citizens.

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