To advance culture you must share it.

We’re advancing Choctaw culture by sharing the wisdom, skills and values that define Choctaw life across generations of people from around the world.


Cultural artifacts are more than ancient art and tools. They tell a people’s story—where they’ve been, what they’ve contributed to the world and what defines their identity. To preserve Choctaw artifacts is to preserve the Choctaw legacy.

Choctaw Tradition and Culture - Chahta Foundation


Eloquence has always been celebrated in Choctaw culture. Storytellers are known as the history keepers and uplifted within our tribe. Today, the Choctaw history and culture still exist because of a strong oral tradition.

The Choctaw stories initiative

To keep the knowledge flowing, you have to pass it on. The Choctaw Stories Initiative records live interviews with tribal elders and first speakers to ensure valuable lessons and cultural traditions are accessible to future generations.

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