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Food Sovereignty Pilot Program

Photo of one of our chicken coops.

The Chahta Foundation is always researching innovative strategies to promote the health of the Choctaw people.  To this end, the Foundation recently launched a food sovereignty pilot program to provide the following to ten Choctaw families living in Atoka and Bryan Counties, and five Choctaw households at each of the seven Senior Living Facilities in the 10 ½ counties:

After a successful pilot program year, we hope to gradually expand the food sovereignty program to include all of the Choctaw Nation tribal service area.

The Chahta Foundation received a grant from the First Nations Development Institute to conduct a food sovereignty needs assessment on Choctaw tribal members living within the 10 1/2 counties of the Nation’s tribal jurisdiction. The anonymous data we gather will be used to create a Food Sovereignty Strategic Plan by May 2017. The Strategic Plan will show areas of strength in our food sovereignty status, as well as areas where our food systems would benefit from future efforts. We will share the Strategic Plan with Tribal leadership and with Choctaw Nation departments and programs that work with food and providing food access for Tribal Members.

Click here to take the Food Sovereignty Survey.

Once you complete the survey, an additional separate link will pop up. Please click on the new link to provide your name and phone number which will enter you in a drawing to win one of  50 participation prizes we are giving away! Prizes range in value from $15 to $100! The drawing will be on March 31, and winners will be notified the same day.