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Payback Requirement

Service Payback

Some of the Chahta Foundation competitive scholarships require a service payback.

On the scholarship application, by selecting ‘Yes’ to the question ‘Are you are willing to participate in service requirement,’ it will make you eligible to apply for the following scholarships (for more information on the specific scholarships including additional eligibility requirements and their specific payback requirements, please click on the scholarship opportunity):

Virginia Leflore Scholarship, Wilene D Marshall Scholarship, Kaneubbe ScholarshipPink Warrior Scholarship.

Please note: students who are selected will be informed of the payback requirements prior to scholarship acceptance and will have the opportunity to decline the scholarship.

Previous Examples of Payback
Scholarship Name Payback
Kaneubbe Participation in Summer POSSE Program
Pink Warrior Participation in Choctaw College Connect Event
Heritage Two year employment requirement within the Choctaw Nation Healthcare System