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Scholarship Application Prep

Welcome to the Chahta Foundation Application Prep page. This page provides you with the scholarship questions prior to filling out the application.

We will continue to update this page with additional information. If you have further questions, try visiting our FAQ page.

Types of Scholarships

In 2017, we are offering 25 unique, competitive scholarships for students seeking an associate, bachelors, masters, or academic or professional doctorate degree.

Complete your on-line application, and you’re automatically registered for EVERY scholarship that meets your qualifications!

Eligibility: The applicant must be a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, be enrolled at a college or university in the Fall 2017 semester, and have at least a 2.5 collegiate GPA (for current college/university students) or at least a 2.5 high school GPA (for graduating high school seniors).

Click here to see an updating list of our scholarship opportunities.


Prepare for the Application

Fill in the Blank Information

You will be asked to provide personal information, contact information, and information specific to your current participation in various Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma programs.  This section is in a traditional online format similar to completing a social media profile.

Short Answer Questions

The scholarship application includes a select number of short answer essay questions to learn more about you.

Due to the number of applications, we require responses to be 250 words or less. This is to help you identify the most important aspects that you would like the scholarship committee to know about you.

Below is the list of the short answer questions you will be asked to complete. Some are required, and some are optional.

The optional questions help us determine your eligibility for certain scholarships that require awardees to have had certain experiences. Answering these questions is optional, but you do have to answer them to be considered for those specific scholarships.



Additional Documents Required

These documents are required in addition to your online application. They can either be uploaded into the system or sent directly to the Chahta Foundation: by mail, PO Box 1849 Durant, OK 74702, by fax, 580-745-9023, or by email to


Our application requires that you upload a resume. A resume is a brief account of a person’s education, qualifications, and previous experience.

If you do not have one, use this template to begin your resume.

Copy of Tribal Membership Card

The application requires a photo of your tribal membership card to be uploaded into the application. Instructions can be found on our Scholarship FAQ page.


Current College Students: The application requires your most recent unofficial college transcript to be uploaded in a PDF format. Your college or university can assist you with obtaining this.

Current High School Seniors: The application requires your current high school transcript with grades earned through the end of the fall 2016 semester. Your high school counselor will be able to provide this to you.

Letters of Recommendation

The application requires two letters of recommendation, not from a relative.

These letters can range from high school teachers, to university professors, to your boss at work. The more they can tell us about you, the better. These will need to be uploaded into the scholarship application as a PDF format document or sent to the Chahta Foundation via email to

Visit the Scholarship FAQ page for more information on how to convert documents into a PDF and upload them into the system.

Financial Needs Analysis form (FNA)

A Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) will be needed for applications. Click here to download a FNA.

**The FNA will be sent to the Chahta Foundation by the school’s financial aid department and does not need to be uploaded. **

The only exceptions will be:

Suggestions and Guidelines